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We are Lavendel. Founded in May 2018 we have served 1000s of customers. Lavendel is a Bangalore-based Professional Cleaning Services provider which comes with solutions to make your life simpler and healthier. 




Cleanliness is closer to godliness.


Despite the bustle of today’s city life, cleanliness is still a core aspect of healthy living. But as the prices for good cleaning services have reached sky-high people hesitate to look towards service providers for their cleaning needs. 


This served as the motivation for us to provide customized cleaning services at the cheapest price possible while not compromising the standards that people expect. 




Usually, when it comes to cleaning services there is always a middle man. With an in-house operation team we cut the middle man and therein the huge commission you would have paid to create a win-win situation. And with sustainable training programs for our staff, we have managed to build a large team. We take pride in the fact that we are 1st to offer this unique brand of cleaning services in Bangalore.